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      If you would like to apply to be an Interim with Greengrape Solutions then please e-mail a brief overview of your experience along with your CV to tailored@greengrapesolutions.co.uk


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      Interim Management

      In an era of radical change within welfare reform, Interim management is becoming more and more popular with providers who are looking for solutions to complex issues arising within the employment and skills sectors.

      Interim managers bring well-qualified skills and expertise at short notice and can often be the solution to a providers staffing needs. They consult, plan, advise, implement, and embed the lessons, then exit, handing a range of key strategic and tactical interventions. As businesses in their own right, they offer independent expertise, free of company politics, and take responsibility for delivering results, not just offering advice.

      As specialist recruitment providers with over 30 years of experience within employment and skills, our insight and understanding makes us the first choice for Interim Management Recruitment in this sector.

      Typically, we work with Managing Directors, Operations Directors, Supply Chain Specialists, Regional Directors, Strategic Development Managers, Quality Managers and many more.

      Greengrape Solutions works with some of the largest providers of government employment programmes and are trusted by thousands of candidates across the UK.


        Interim Positions

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