"Our staff benefited from the extensive industry experience and knowledge of Greengrape Solutions, that other training organisations just couldn't offer.

      Operations Manager

      Serco - Gwynedd

      Greengrape Solutions has been helping people, help people since 2007

      We are in a new era of welfare-to-work, with significant reforms being made to the sector to help people break the cycle of benefit dependency - whether through employment or vocational opportunities.

      In turn providers of these programmes need the right talent and support in place to make things happen - from engagement, personal advice and employability through to transition to work, sustainability and retention. They require people not only with impeccable credentials but also a resource to develop their skills and further their careers.

      An intelligent and energised agency that finds and trains specialist staff, as well as offering solutions tailored to an organisation's specific requirements, can make a real difference in this industry. Which is where we come in.

      Our team

      Helping people help people - it sums up what we're about. We're modern and progressive but clued-up and experienced enough to identify familiar frustrations and obstacles for frontline providers.

      Greengrape Solutions was founded in 2007 by John McDonald and Emma Loizidis, and more recently we've been joined by Charlotte McDonald and Andy Whitehead as our business and breadth of service has expanded. As well as recruiting high-quality staff, we provide learning and development courses and custom-built services.

      We get the bigger picture but appreciate the little details because we've worked within the industry. As it's evolved, so have we - developing and delivering solutions that meet today's requirements. Above all, in this unique sector, we pride ourselves on an exceptional pedigree and 

      Our services

      We specialise in recruitment, training and tailored solutions - all of it founded upon a strong knowledge of the sector, a positive relationship with its workforce, and a real grasp of what's going on.

      It's our business to recruit the right people exclusively for this industry and to support their continued progress and development with specific courses.

      Its our belief that, because not everyone is the same, some organisations require customised solutions.