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    Here at Greengrape Solutions we have recently undertaken our first piece of work overseas. Over the past few months we have been working on an exciting project in Saudi Arabia where we have been working to support an organisation establishing pilot Welfare-to-Work programmes in the Kingdom.

    In March 2011 the King of Saudi Arabia, announced two royal decrees that aimed to assist Saudi job seekers. These seek to provide job seekers with a monthly allowance and also to establish a Jobseekers Assistance program that will create jobs for the job seekers to enrol them in the Saudi Labour Market. The plan is to establish a range of job placement centres across the Kingdom through a Public Private Partnership model.

    Greengrape Solutions is supporting the project implementation with Andy Whitehead leading the HR workstream.  This includes recruitment to over 150 positions in the Kingdom and development of a full induction training package for all new staff.. 


    "This is the beginning of a whole new Welfare to Work agenda in Saudi Arabia and the challenge has taught us a great deal in terms of working in new locations and cultures. It is has also been a great pleasure meeting and working with so many local people across the country.  We are on target to start all sites with a full complement of staff and confidence is high as we approach Ëœgo-live". 

    Andy Whitehead